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Here are just a few of the Testimonials given to Robert White for his exemplary service in Remote Project Management, Construction Management, Bridge Construction and Construction Site Surveying.


Project Management Bridge Construction Robert White

June 3, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:
Re: Bob White, White Coast Projects Ltd.

I have had the opportunity of working with Bob White on approximately 20+ bridge projects since 1994. The projects have ranged in size and scope from simple log stringer bridges to large multi span composite bridges. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Bob with respect to any aspect of bridge construction whether it be the initial design concepts, the liaison work with government agencies with regards to the approval process, instructing and supervising engineering firms and related disciplines, working with bridge manufacturing firms, or with the actual installation of the bridge and supervision of sub-contractors. Bob has constantly suggested cost effective, practical solutions to often difficult bridging needs. To date, all projects Bob has worked on have been delivered on time and on budget in often extremely remote locations.

With some of our more remote jobs, Bob has, in addition to all the specific bridge requirements, arranged the manufacturing and transportation of the bridge components, arranged the necessary equipment to construct the bridge, looked after the mobilization and demobilization of a equipment and crews, looked after the crew housing needs and any of the other more troublesome aspects of bridge construction. Bob’s attention to detail with regards to this aspect of bridge construction has saved us a lot of time and money by eliminating any unnecessary delays.

Bob’s safety record has also been infallible. We have never recorded a lost time accident on any job Bob has been involved with.

In addition to the design, manufacturing, and construction aspect of bridges, Bob has also routinely demonstrated his commitment to doing environmentally sound work by ensuring that all the necessary environmental protection is in place before and during the construction phases. Terminal is ISO 14001 and SFI certified for their woodland operations and to date we have never recorded an incident or non-compliance with respect to any of the work Bob has been involved with. In fact, in five of Bob’s projects, they have been recognized by both internal and external auditors as best management practices.

At this point, I would not consider any aspect of a bridge project even with respect to selecting the bridge site location and road alignment without Bob’s direct involvement. Having Bob involved from the start of a project has proven time and time again to be extremely cost effective.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours truly,
Terminal Forest Products Ltd.
George Mulder, R.P.F. Senior Forest Engineer


Project Management Bridge Construction Robert White

Associated Engineering (B.C.) Ltd. – www.ae.ca

To Whom It May Concern


This is a letter of reference for Mr. Robert (Bob) White. I have personally known and worked with Bob over the past twenty years.

Our relationship has spanned various contractual relationships including client / contractor, design / build , and employee / employer.

Bob was an excellent addition to any team as he was an exemplary and well-liked team player. He was a conscientious, hard working individual who quickly gained the respect from the entire team.
Bob’s conscientious demeanour and willingness to listen and learn will enable him to do an excellent job wherever he chooses to go. I have no reservations in recommending Bob as an individual of good character and excellent bridge-building skills. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together.

Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me at (604) 293-1411 (local 350).

Martin G. Jobke, P.Eng.
Vice President and General Manager
Associated Engineering (B.C.) Ltd.


Project Management Bridge Construction Robert White

From: Steve Robertson
To: ‘Robert White’
Subject: RE: Coyote Creek


Thanks for sending the photos.

I greatly appreciate the job you did at Coyote Creek. All in all, it certainly was a job well done. Your professionalism and experience was key to the completion of the project so quickly and relatively seamlessly. Despite a little hiccup regarding the chance find [1st Nations artifact] at the end of the program it went as smoothly as could be expected.

I hope we can work together on other projects in the future.


Steve Robertson 604-488-2669

Robert White of White Coast Projects Ltd. – Project Management
Building Quality Bridges and Construction Projects since 1977.
British Columbia, Canada and beyond…


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